Creating a brand new life

As per modern science, only two percent of our brain in conscious brain, three percent of the brain is subconscious and the rest ninety five percent is unconscious.

Unconscious brain is always working and is actually responsible for whatever we do in our daily life. Unconscious brain has all the following things stored:

Our identity – male, female, graduate, post graduate, uneducated, small, big, fat, thin, family values we learn, what to do, what not to do, our religion, customs, food habits, etc.

Our preferences – likes, dislikes, right, wrong, good, bad, etc.

Unconscious mind keeps on accumulating our identity and our preferences on a daily basis and makes a huge memory bank. Next time when we see an ice cream or think about ice cream, our mind quickly tells us to have one based on the memory we have stored.

This unconscious mind does not let us live in the present, it always makes us live a life which is based on the past experiences. With this kind of living style, thinking out of the box is not possible, we can only think of doing things which exist in our memory, this is like living with dependency on our memory.

If we can try to clean this memory of few things – our identity, our preferences then a new life can be started with new identities, with new preferences and doing all that can become possible that we want to do. May be start a new career, a new life, a new relationship with the same person, etc.


Life is happening in the moment we are living, nowhere else

On an average every day around 1,50,000 people die worldwide, in my life i have seen a lot of people also die in various age groups. Death is not restricted to old people only. Nobody knows when is his/her turn, what is sure is that the number will come.

We have such an uncertain life, despite this uncertainty we are finding time to create wars, prove one thing right and other thing wrong, developing all kinds of ego, maintaining distances between relationships.

The life we have is such a brief life, why not use it to live every moment of it, enjoy every moment of it, create happiness around, make friends, do what we love to do.

Why are we postponing our plans to do what we want to do to some later stage of life, why are we not living today the way we want to live and thinking of living like that one day some day.

Life is happening here, now, in this moment. If i am not happy now, in this moment then i may not have a chance to be happy in next moment.

Make the best use of this life that we have got, enjoy it, live it, do not create problems to others, do not be a cause of creating hindrance to other people’s life, support people, do not make them dependent on you, try to make people live independently, happily. Be a guide and not a master.

Do not create slaves, where you or your company becomes master and people become your followers. Even if a slave lives in a palace, a slave does not have freedom, self-expression and he cannot live a life he wants to live.

Two brothers and their mom

When the brothers were young, mom was not well, she had fever and body aches. She asked her two sons to help her with some work, she asked son1 to clean the house, and asked son2 to cook food. Son1 did the work assigned but was not happy for what he has to do, he felt if mom was well then he would not have to do this.
Son2 also did the work, and he thought mom wants me to be independent and learn things that will help me in my life. He also thought that to get this opportunity to learn, his mom is going through fever and body aches, he felt sad for mom and starting loving her even more.

How we look at the work we are doing depends on how we look at it. You can keep finding faults everywhere or you can thank for the opportunity you are getting to learn and do something and also thank people around you.

Story of two Old couples

Two old couples staying in an old age home are sitting for dinner at a dining table. They are discussing how the life went and how it is going now.

Couple one is in tears for they did so much for their children and now the children have abandoned them to live on their own in an old age home. They are remembering the old memories and crying and living their life like that. They are involving others also in their talks and making them also emotional.

Couple two is also abandoned by their children but they are enjoying, they also remember the old memories but they are happy. Couple one asked them what is going on, to this couple two answered: when we were young, we lived our life as we thought it is right, we took decisions we wanted, we had all the freedom we wanted. In this old age, our children are living the same way we lived, and they are letting us also live our life as we want.

Life is very unpredictable, no one really knows what’s in store for us, but how we live in each situation is just upto us. Enjoy this life as you want.

Don’t just pray God, follow God’s teachings as well

Munna Bhai MBBS movie was a great movie. It showed that people have put Gandhi jee’s photos everywhere, in their office, on currency notes, etc. But what Gandhi jee practised to get freedom for the country, people are not doing that.

Similarly, we have a lot of idols, calendars, photos of Gods at our home, we are not living our life based on what these Gods taught us. We pray to them, but we do not live our life by their teachings.

Ram sumir ke, rehem kare na, phir kaise sukh payega
(even after taking Ram’s name, if you do not help people, how will you be happy?)

Krishna sumir ke, karam kare na, yun hi jag se jayega
(Even after taking Krishna’s name, your work style has not changed, you will go just like that from this world)

heard this bhajan by Hari Om sharan

Understanding who I am

In school i learnt that we have 5 senses – eyes to see, nose to smell, skin to feel, tongue to taste, ears to hear. And there is a brain which controls these senses, brain is the master of these senses. Brain sends signals to the senses to get the information that the brain needs.

For example, while walking on the road, our eyes can see the entire scene in a fraction of a second, its like click a photo. Although your eyes has seen the entire picture, you notice only few things in it. These things that you notice is what your brain asked your eyes to see and send the information back to brain for processing.
We do selective seeing based on what our brain asks it to do. Similarly, we hear also selectively what our brain wants us to hear.

This is called living life with a lot of filters, we never get to the reality of anything in this model. Partial understanding of anything is harmful, so before reacting to what you saw or heard, its good to realize that our brain is giving us partial information.

We can try to see our brain working with some information, neurons doing their jobs, sending signals to our body parts, creating emotions and feelings for us, etc.

Who is witnessing all this is the real you. Brain with thoughts is just a part of your body, you are the one witnessing your brain doing the thoughts.

A way of living life, there are plenty of ways to live

A way of living life, there are plenty of ways to living life, here is the one that I am following:

  1. Visualize what you want, be as specific on what you want, when you want. Keep creating these visualization, keep wishing what you want, keep creating goals. Let the goals not be one-liner, describe these goals.
  2. If the purpose of your goal is only for you, rephrase the purpose to “what will this goal do for others”, “how will your goal be beneficial to society, to the world”. Start visualizing others in your goals.
  3. Start taking actions inline with the goal(s) you setup. Look at all your thoughts, which thoughts are positive thoughts, which are negative thoughts, classify your thoughts as positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts make you happy, satisfied, complete. Negative thoughts make you feel guilty, sorry, angry, frustrated, etc.
  4. Rephrase your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Turn these negative thoughts to positivity, you have to use different words to rephrase, that’s it. Now your energy is not divided between negative and positive, your full energy is dedicated in one direction – positivity and your goals.
  5. Rephrase what you want and start taking actions inline with those goals.
  6. Keep visualizing your end goal and keep visualizing people getting benefited from that.
  7. Keep telling yourself that you are not limited, your reach, power, thoughts, options are not limited, you are not powerless, you are not alone, you are not weak. Keep telling yourself that you are infinite, infinite options, infinite thoughts, infinite ideas, you are strong, you are creative, you are innovative, people love you, people want, your life has a purpose.
  8. Do whatever you do in the context of SERVICE to others. Service is the purpose of your life, do service as a privilege and not as a burden or duty. Be thankful to people who are giving you an opportunity to serve them. Cause if they are not there, whom will you serve? Love your spouse, children, neighbors, love them for who they are. Loving is the greatest service a man can do.
  9. Expand the definition of your family, go beyond the needs of your family members only, everyone you know is your family. They are all my brothers and sisters, mom and dad. Their needs is what I have to fulfill. I know them for a reason, the reason is love, the reason is they need me.
  10. Develop qualities including love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, faithfulness.
  11. Expand your work, engagements, level of working. Expand yourself from the level of self to level of society, to the level of organization, to the level of the World. You will find ways to get things done, just keep visualizing what you want.

When everyone starts living their life like this, the whole world will be happy and amazing and we will enter into a new Phase of life. A phase which existed thousands of years ago, where people only knew love, patience, faithfulness, kindness, etc. You have a choice to choose this way or another, either way you will live.

Purpose of this life

What is the Purpose of my Life?

I clicked a selfie and looked at myself on how to i look today. I look different from how i used to look a few years ago, and i am sure i will look different in a few years from now. What is changing is the following:
1. My looks, my body, my curves
2. My Understanding about things, about people, about everything
3. My knowledge about what i know, what i don’t know
4. My thoughts, mindfulness, feelings, emotions, etc

What is not changing is the word “MY”, “ME”, “I”, which i use to define who i am. I have been defining myself as this body, my feelings, my looks, my relationships, my strengths, my weakness, etc. And this understanding of myself about who i am has given me results in the life i have lived so far.

Based on recent studies i am doing, i understand that I also have a spirit, an ataman and this body is the abode for this ataman/spirit. Ataman never dies, it just keep changing the body, moves from a body when it is old and finds a new abode in a body/form which is young/taking birth.

Ataman has no source and no end, it is eternal, nothing can happen to it, it keeps taking different forms from time to time. When ataman is taking a form, it is taking a form for a purpose. If i look closely, then this purpose is the purpose of being in service to others.

I am an ataman residing in the body of Himanshu this time, he has a family who needs my service, he has a office to attend who needs his service, he has customers to attend to who needs service, he lives in a society where the society needs service from him. I am in his body for doing SERVICE.

Look at anything around you – be it a tree, plant, animal, human being, etc, everyone is serving a purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled, the ataman moves on to find a new form.

Ataman will anyway move on to the next form whether i do my service or not, ataman needs a body/form to get things done. If my birth in this form ,in this time frame can do SERVICE then i think this birth was a successful birth and a worth birth. If i spend this time that i have in this body in chasing something which is not SERVING others, then i think this birth/janam is not worth.

Sharing this thought/insight so that this insight does not just die with me.

New year resolution, New life resolution

My parents taught me about God, how merciful he is, how strong he is, how loving he is, how he created this world, planets, people, etc.

I believe that when i die, i go in front of him and he will ask at least few questions to me and give me few minutes of listening. His questions may be ” tell me son what kind of life you lived in the world i created, how was your behaviour with the fellow people whom i created and sent just like i sent you, what wonderful things you created, how much pain you created for others”.

Upon hearing these questions, my heart will be filled with a mix of emotions, hurt, anger, joy, happiness, guilt, justifications, reasons, etc. i will cry while sharing something, i will also be happy while sharing something else and so on.

At the end of my story telling, i may ask him to give me one more chance to go back and live a life to undo all the wrong i have done to others, to do those good deeds which i could not do, to help people whom i could not help, etc. And God, for he is so merciful will give me yet another chance to go back and live a life that i promised to live.

Should i really wait to die and have this one on one meeting with God to come back once again? Or can i not think that whatever life i had so far is my previous life and now in this moment i can start a new life with the new promises and let these be my resolutions of this year and years to come.

If you believe in God, you can restart your life at any moment by making a new promise to him. Have a happy and amazing life.

Start living and experiencing life like never before, this time life would be amazing